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Window Panes

Sunny, rainy days are all around. I sit in bed looking out the window seeing smoke from a neighbors backyard. They've barbequed for 5 days, enjoying the weather with friends and family. Even kids! I hear the sounds of children.  I spend these days looking out windows resting my chin on my hand sustained by… Continue reading Window Panes

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Writing About Not Writing

A sense of relaxation comes over me while I look out the window at the freshly fallen snow. The forest beyond the edge harbors life I've never seen but only heard of. Sia belts out Fire Meet Gasoline lyrics in the background. My mind is on NaNoWriMo and him. Every year I get excited about National… Continue reading Writing About Not Writing

the personals.

Why I Didn’t

There's crying, and there's sobbing. I sobbed, last year, after listening to this TED Talk by Leslie Morgan Steiner. It was May or maybe June/July when I sat alone at home again, without him. For months I'd been desperately trying to find my way back to a time when I trusted him. A time when… Continue reading Why I Didn’t


Resigned, a poem

To be another for a day, may spell disaster for you.