A Bear Named Cub

     Raising yourself is not easy.  Growing up without parents does not make any sense.  My name is Cub.  I am a bear living in the mountains that towers over a great valley.  There is a spot at the edge of the mountain overlooking a vast landscape filled with other creatures.  The chirps and distant roars in the darkness are frightening.  The sights of the vast grassland are overwhelming.

     I have been alone – well, without parents since I can remember.  My mom died in the belly of the mountain.  When I woke up with a hunger pang that I could not ignore; I wandered toward the light.  The brightness from above hurt my eyes, then I caught the scent of fish in the air I could not ignore.  I followed it to the river without looking back.  Upon catching my first fish, as the brightness above began to fade, I felt the absence of my mother for the first time.

     I looked around and saw the little bear I woke up next to.  She had blue eyes and did not catch a fish that day.  She made due with a few frogs.  Before the darkness fell upon us, we walked back to the belly of the mountain.  We both understood that mother would never leave it.

     That night we slept under the stars listening to the eerie sounds of those that roamed among the trees and beyond the forest.  We stayed together for a while but now and then Little Blue would wander farther and farther away. Some days and nights, I lost sight of her.  I have not seen her in a long while and did not know when she will return.

The End.

// Image Credit: “Shadows” by morganobrienart at www.devianart.com/art/Shadows-151817250

Dear Reader,

This story was originally posted on Scribd, and just recently on Wattpad. I am adding a short story section to this weblog and thought this one is a perfect way to get this started. I hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading.  Questions? Comments? Let your thoughts be known below. ~deyanira.

A Smile Comes Over My Heart

I’m his. Only his.

His gaze. His appetite.

A presence strong enough to be felt in the sunlight.

An energetic body. A creative mind.

A journey. An adventure, unlike any other kind.

I fell in love with a beautiful stranger, today.

Or, maybe it was yesterday.


“Beautiful Stranger” – Madonna [music video]