Resigned, a poem

I would choose to be the one he favors over me.
The one he keeps going back to.
The one he refuses to let go.
Even after promising to do so. 
She meets a need I can’t. 
Even after we kiss and they don’t.
She still holds something of his that I don’t.

Screenshot 2017-06-20 at 11.52.00 PM

This Love.

This silence hurts my ears.

We scratch and scrape to fill the empty we both feel.

This love reflects our best and worst in the mirror.

This distance increases my fears.


// – the following song played in my head while I wrote this.

Music Video: “This Love” by Craig Armstrong

A Smile Comes Over My Heart

I’m his. Only his.

His gaze. His appetite.

A presence strong enough to be felt in the sunlight.

An energetic body. A creative mind.

A journey. An adventure, unlike any other kind.

I fell in love with a beautiful stranger, today.

Or, maybe it was yesterday.


“Beautiful Stranger” – Madonna [music video]