Resigned, a poem

I would choose to be the one he favors over me.
The one he keeps going back to.
The one he refuses to let go.
Even after promising to do so. 
She meets a need I can’t. 
Even after we kiss and they don’t.
She still holds something of his that I don’t.

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It doesn’t take long

  for fleece to warm my skin

  for my head to swivel

  for my shoulders to drop

  for my mind to understand

  for my ears to complain at the loudness of the quiet

It doesn’t take long

  for the anger to swell

  for my heart to race

  for my mind to languish in mourning

  for my once warm tears to sting

  for my laughter to turn into screams

It doesn’t take long

  for my mind to wander

  for my dreams to fail

  for my sleep to skip a night (or day)

  for my hunger to pass

  for me to lose interest

It doesn’t take long


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This Love.

This silence hurts my ears.

We scratch and scrape to fill the empty we both feel.

This love reflects our best and worst in the mirror.

This distance increases my fears.


// – the following song played in my head while I wrote this.

Music Video: “This Love” by Craig Armstrong

Unititled (11.12.16)

I am one of many.

We are occupied by him.

I know of them

They do not know of me.

A moment of revelation arrived.

He took my breath away with a gentle firm grip around my neck.

My heart is broken, my spirit bruised.

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Together, but separate
   we shine
Next to each other, but alone
   we shine
A mini-universe within
   shines just for us.

(c) deyanira villalta, 07.26.16
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// Image Credit: “Bottled Sky” by Lukasz Wiktorzak.

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This poem is written from an image prompt for #PromptsAndCircumstance  a daily writing session set up by +Bliss Morgan on Google+. If you are a fellow Plusser, stop by and say “Hi!” and maybe read some of the submissions under the hashtag. 

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Gently he caressed her skin.

Kissed her shoulder.

Squeezed her body with his arms.


He’s leaving, taking most everything with him.

He departs with a smile on his face – adventure awaits.

She feels a pull, a sinking feeling between her ribs and lungs.


Engines roar, tires turn, then silence.

The home they build, a piece at a time is lifeless.



by alex stoddard 02

Portrait by Alex Stoddard.

// This piece is inspired by an image prompt series taking place this July on Google+ via +BlissMorgan. If you’d like to participate in #PromptsAndCircumstances feel free to join us!

Untitled (02.12.14)

This would be me,
if I could climb a tree.
Nestled between the arms,
of a being that could do me no harm.
Safe among the leaves,
I’d breathe feeling at ease.

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**Originally posted to Google+ on February 12, 2014**


Silence gives way to the floodgates spilling out my demons.

Scratching and pulling seeping through my pores.

I’m helpless against them.

You don’t see the agony that erodes me.

I’m left alone to silence my screams.


Surreal Photography by Federico Bebber