Silence gives way to the floodgates spilling out my demons.

Scratching and pulling seeping through my pores.

I’m helpless against them.

You don’t see the agony that erodes me.

I’m left alone to silence my screams.


Surreal Photography by Federico Bebber


Quiet, You’ll Scare the Elephant

I tremble in front of our truth. Our internal agony spills over dripping all over the floor. Searing pain at the center of us cauterizes almost instantly, yet never fully repairing each wound. I am paralyzed. You can’t keep still. 

Breath stops at the tightening of your hands. My voice, I never thought to use. My strength did not match yours.

We should have parted ways when we had the chance.

Not because love fades between us. 

Because you cannot protect me from your violence. 

A fast beating heart is what I have. Careful not to speak of things when the glass is full. Only speaking when you’re sober, when you care and breathe me in.