Tree (Oct. 15, 1996)


Tree. Alone. Wilting.

In its old age it stands.

Branches drop to the ground.

Tree.  Almost dead. Waiting.

Remnants of a lively past.

Of flourishing green.

Springing with life.

Tree. Colorless. There.

Once branches held high.

Sky in reach…

Strong. Valiant.

Ready to take on what comes its way.

Rain. Hail. Storms.

Tree. Always Tree.

Never anything else.

Tree. Never ending. Wanting too…

Oak tree silhouette

Oak tree silhouette

A Smile Comes Over My Heart

I’m his. Only his.

His gaze. His appetite.

A presence strong enough to be felt in the sunlight.

An energetic body. A creative mind.

A journey. An adventure, unlike any other kind.

I fell in love with a beautiful stranger, today.

Or, maybe it was yesterday.


“Beautiful Stranger” – Madonna [music video]